Kuyruk: Simple task queue

Welcome to Kuyruk’s documentation. This documentation covers the usage of the library and describes how to run workers.

About Kuyruk

Kuyruk is a simple and easy way of distributing tasks to run on servers.

It uses RabbitMQ as message broker and depends on amqp which is a pure-Python RabbitMQ client library. Compatible with Python 3.5+.

All design decisions is based on simplicity. Speed is not first priority. Kuyruk only supports RabbitMQ and does not plan to support any other backend.

Kuyruk requires no change in client code other than adding a decorator on top of a function in order to convert it to a Task. Also, sensible defaults have been set for configuration options and can be run without configuring during the development of your application.

Kuyruk is designed for long running mission critical jobs. For this reason Kuyruk sends acknowledgement only after the task is fully processed.

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